May 19, 2020

10 "Beer Review" Channels You Should Follow On Youtube

Beer plus Youtube - YESSS. Here are our favorite 10 YouTube BEER Channels to pay attention to this month.

The first one is the British one Real Ale Craft Beer, he managed to make much review as is possible and for now he’s doing 2 or 3 reviews per day so I am sure you’ll be really entertained by him.

Subscribers: 36k
Frequency: 2 videos per day

Massive Beers

This is not just a channel, but also a podcast, for me is one of the most enjoyable channels related to beer, sometimes his dog makes special appearance in the videos and it is always SO FUN. Right now, he is doing reviews every day and sometimes 2 reviews per day, another great point is that he isn’t a biased reviewer so you can trust in his opinion.

Subscribers: 7k
Frequency: At least 1 video per day

The Craft Beer Channel

The Craft Beer Channel is one of the largest channels about beer and their content is always high quality and trustworthy. In this channel you’ll find reviews, match with food, travel guide and everything about beer. I am sure that if one of those channels could give you a good beer recommendation, that channel is The Craft Beer Channel.

Subscribers: 76k
Frequency: At least 2 videos per week.

Darwin's Beer Reviews

Darwin is Certified Cicerone® so we know what he’s saying. His videos are not just about reviewing but unboxings and curiosities of the beer world. It is a good content and this guy is really really fun, I know that you’ll have at least a good laugh watching his videos.

Subscribers: 7k
Frequency: 1 video per day

The Master of Hoppets

The Master of Hoppets is a channel about beer and a little bit about heavy metal. He does good reviews and have nice recommendations, other things you’ll find is his channel is interview with people of the beer industry and road trip guide.

Subscribers: 9k
Frequency: 1 per day

The thing about KyBrewReview is that they are a channel of friends and you can tell that, it feels like you are having that bar conversation with your friends, so it’s relatable, it’s fun and it’s entertaining. I am sure you will like it and will see yourself in their videos.

Subscribers: 13k
Frequency: 1 per day

Jerry Fort the Beer Review Guy

Jerry Fort the Beer Review Guy is really opened about what people want him to do, so if you recommend your favorite beer, he probably will do a review about it. He also presents beer cocktails and content about food to. A nice and friendly youtuber.

Subscribers: 3k
Frequency: 2 per day

As Jake O Beer said, his channel is about drinking beer and being weird and everyone can relate to that. I think this is my favorite of all the list because Jake is unpretentious, funny and honest. His reviews are always on point and I think he should do more success, hoping to see his channel becoming a hot thing.

Subscribers: 1k
Frequency: 2 per month

HopZine is versatile and do reviews of every type of beer that exist, sure that you will find a new beer to try on. I like how technical he is and how he is always trying to bring more content to the subscribers. It is a channel to keep the eye on.

Subscribers: 2k
Frequency: 2 per week

Chad'z Beer Reviews

To finish the list, we recommend you Chad Polenz, he is the co-author of a great book about beer. His channel is full of good reviews and information and Chad is an award winning homebrewing and a Certified Cicerone®, the content is his channel is good and trustworthy, the man knows what he’s talking about.


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