September 19, 2017

The best happy hours are born!

Whatever the reason, there seemed during the 80’s almost to be an unspoken competition between the establishments that sold alcohol to see which could offer the biggest and best happy hour.

Two-for-one drink specials and drinks for a mere 25 cents were everywhere as was the newest twist on the happy hour special, adding free food. The drastic price cut on alcoholic beverages apparently wasn’t enough to give restaurants and bars the competitive edge they needed. So along came the free food.

Stopping by after a hard day’s work to enjoy a happy hour special of free food combined with low-priced alcohol meant that many people no longer needed to head home to fix dinner. They had everything they needed to sate their appetites for food and beverage, and all for just a few dollars!

Perhaps because of rising costs, or perhaps because of liability issues, or perhaps because of the organizations that formed to encourage sensible alcohol consumption, those free-wheeling happy hours made famous during the 80’s faded into history.

For better or for worse, happy hour is much tamer now. The food isn’t always free and the beverage choices aren’t as abundant as they once were. But that’s okay because going to happy hour is still a great excuse for getting together with the gang!

After a stressful week at work, all we need to whisk away the fatigue in our bones and muscles is to drink several cold bottles of beer. However, the beer that we purchase from the store can take its toll on our wallets. The heavy tax imposed on our favorite beverage doesn't make it easier for us either. But if you want to cut costs without compromising the amount of beer you want to enjoy every weekend, then maybe you might want to try brewing your own beer at home.

The advantages of home brewing are not limited to being able to manage more easily your financial budget. Home
brewing is also a very enjoyable hobby, not to mention that it can also make a significant improvement in your social life. This article, however, will focus solely on how you can save money by brewing your own beer. So without further ado, let's break down the reasons on how home brewing can help you cut costs.

You typically start by purchasing a brewing kit. It's an investment on your part, so you should consider first whether you're willing to brew your own beer long term. Since you'll be spending on equipment, you might as well use it for a long span of time.

But first, some extensive research needs to be undertaken before you pick one. Remember, there are many types of brewing kits out in the market, so choosing the one that is best suited to your needs will ensure that every penny spent is worth it.

First, think long and hard about the amount of brewing that you are about to do, and mind the specifications required to do the job. Once decided, pick the least expensive brewing kit that has all the specifications that you need.

After picking the equipment, list all the ingredients that are to be used in brewing your beer. Buying in bulk will also be less expensive. Stores that offer discount rates for bulk ingredients are common so don't forget to look for them in your area.

If you encounter difficulties in this regard, the Internet is a reliable source to look for one.
And of course, drinking beer won't be as enjoyable without drinking it from the bottle (at least in my case). To avoid overspending, you can buy bottles and bottle caps in cases.

Better yet, these bottles can be reused over and over again as long as you make it a point to re-sterilize each bottle after every use. All you need are a good bottlebrush and a sterilizing agent (don't forget to check the expiration date though). If a sterilizing agent is nowhere to be found, plain household bleach should be sufficient enough to do the job.

The initial expenses might be considered at first, but once you have brewed large amounts of beer long enough, you'll eventually notice the costs of home brewing is much less than the costs of buying beer from the store.


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