September 1, 2017

Homebrewing Equipments and Accessories

Whether you are in home brewing for business or for pleasure, some of the things that should not be forgotten and compromised are the home brewing equipments. Next to home brewing water, you can say that the equipments can be considered as the major ingredients in making the best home brews for friends and family members. Listed below are some of the major beer brewing equipments and a short individual description of these home brewing equipments.

• The glass carboy. This is the container that will be used when the beer will be fermented. For many enthusiasts, this is also called as the fermentor. Expect to see carboys in many sizes, and for starters you may want to start with the 5- gallon carboy.

• The stopper. This is an important storage implement and this should not be left out in your shopping list. This is placed at the opening of the carboy, and your air lock will be placed on the stopper. Now the stoppers may come in different sizes as well, and choose depending on the size of the carboy.

• The airlock. This implement is used in conjunction with the carboy stopper. Now there are two types of locks that you can use. The first one is called the air lock type one, and the second is the type 2 air lock.

• The brew kettle. This is an important addition to your growing list of home brewing equipments. When shopping,
make sure that the kettle that you will get should be at least 16 quarts.

• Funnel. This is used for transferring your beer from the kettle to the carboy. This makes home brewing stress-free.

• Tubing. You will definitely need tubing for the home brewing activity. There are two kinds of tubing that you may need for this purpose. The first one is the small tubing which can be used from transferring the beer to the bottle. And the second one is the larger one that has at least an inch for diameter.

• Returnable grade bottles. In home brewing business, consider these returnable grade bottles as must-haves. These will serve as the containers for your final brews. Make sure that the bottles are of returnable grade since these bottles will be cleaned for many times and that these bottles will need to withstand the pressure build-up. If you are planning to brew your first batch of 5 gallons of beer, then you need to get at least 60 bottles of 12 ounce returnable grade bottles.

• Beer bottle caps. Caps serve as the cover for the returnable grade bottles. In buying these bottle caps, the rule to follow is simple. The caps should be more than the number of bottles. These come in cheap and can be helpful in the bottling process, especially if you make some mistakes.

The listed equipments and accessories for home brewing above is just the start. There are a few more notable
equipments that should be added to your collection. And your list will surely grow as you get serious with this hobby.


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