September 12, 2017

Different Types of Beer

There are hundreds of different types and styles of beer being brewed all over the world. People from different part of world have designed and developed their own techniques of brewing beer adding custom flavors and aromas to it.

Beers also vary in their appearance, texture, smoothness, flavor, ingredients, gravity, texture and recipe. Each type of beer has a history attached to it as to where and how it was originated. Here are the three main kinds of beers found at different parts of the world!

Top Fermenting Type:

These beers are made from top-fermenting yeast, which typically ferments at higher temperatures giving a significant amount of esters and other secondary aromas and flavors. The yeast forms a layer of foam at the surface of the fermenting beer giving flavors that resemble those of apple, pear, pineapple, grass, hay, banana, plum or prune.

The top fermented beers include Ales, Altbeer, Special and Wheatbeers.

Ales - This beer is very popular in England. The style includes bitters, pale ales, porters, stouts, barley wines, trappist, and alt. Barley Wine is an English beer which is popular being powerful, syrupy and strong flavored. It comes in golden or dark colors. Biere de Garde is medium to strong spicy ales from North West France.

Altbeer - Made in the city of Dusseldorf and other cities in the north of Germany, this beer is copper-colored aromatic ale, which is quite bitter in taste. It contains about 4.5% alcohol and is made using the ancient style of brewing. Diebels, Schlosser and Uerige are few examples of Alt beer.

Wheat beers - Berliner Weisse is a popular and sharply acidic wheat beer being made mainly in Berlin, Germany. This beer has low alcohol and comes with green woodruff or raspberry juice added to it giving colors to its cloudy white appearance.

Bottom Fermenting Types:

In these types of beer the yeast ferments at lower temperatures and process a compound called Raffinose is a complex sugar. The yeast collects at the bottom of the fermenting beer giving its own flavor. Lager is the most popular kind of beer fermented this way.

Lagers - The bottom fermenting procedure is also called "Largering". The Lager beers include bocks, doppelbocks,
Munich, Vienna, Märzen and pilsners. Popular Lagers include Oud bruin, a weak sweetish Lager from Netherland,
Muncher a brown malty lager from Munich, Germany. Marzen is another copper-colored lager made in Vienna.

Spontaneous Fermentation Type:

In the spontaneous fermenting type of beers wild stains of yeast are used. These types of beer originated and are very popular in Belgium. These types of beers are often referred as Lambic.

Lambic - This beer is often flavored using fruit like cherries and brewed in parts of Belgium. Kriek is a Belgian Lambic beer has a fruity flavor and deep colors. This beer is secondary fermented by adding cherries to it.

Faro is another Belgian Lambic beer is weak and is sweetened with sugars. Geuze is a ripe blend of old and new Belgian Lambics.

Gueuze is not filtered or pasteurized and has a fruity, sour, dry taste.


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