October 16, 2017

The Difference Between Lager, Ale, and Malt Beer

Beer is perhaps the most favourite alcoholic beverage all over the world. It's always great to have a bottle of beer while socializing with friends on a Saturday night or while watching your favourite ball game on TV.

Beer is made through the brewing and fermentation of natural products such as wheat, rice, barley, corn or hops. The history of beer stems back to the early Egyptians and this has evolved to thousands different types of beer in our times.

You may have tried one or two types, but there are other common and less common types which you may want to try out. Probably the most common type of beer all over the world is lager, which is fermented for months at a time.

Pilsner is also more common in various parts of the world, and this is lager type made from hops. Ice beer on the other hand is a great tasting form which comes quite soft on the throat, and the name speaks for itself - it is beer that is brewed in temperatures below freezing point.

Beer that varies much in taste includes the ale type, which contains a higher alcohol percentage than the more common types. It is also more bitter than the rest and is made from hops. There is also another type simply called bitter beer which originates from England, and has the same characteristics as ale. The beer called "bock" is actually a lager form made from malt and comes with a sweeter taste than regular beer. It is also darker in appearance than most beers.

Another darker and bitter type is stout beer which is made from barley. The not so common beers include Lambic which is made in Belgium from a brew consisting of a variety of fruits.

Trappist beer is also one type that is brewed by trappist monks in Belgium and some parts of the Netherlands. Sake, more commonly found in the East, is beer made from rice grains and is usually taken in room temperature, unlike most that are drank iced or very cold.

Two other common types you might pick up from the convenience store freezer are light or malt liquor beer. Light beer is simply a particular type with reduced alcohol and calorie percentage, while malt liquor contains more alcohol and is fermented in very high temperatures.

Now that you know more about the various beer types, you can use that knowledge to pick your perfect bottle!


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