December 29, 2023

Asheville 2024: Your Craft Beer Bucket List - 10 Must-Try Breweries

Mountains. Check. Cozy cabins. Check. But did you know Asheville, North Carolina, is also the undisputed "Beer City" of the South? With over 80 breweries bursting at the seams with creativity and hops, choosing where to sip can feel like navigating a hopscotch field blindfolded. Worry not, hopheads! This is your ultimate guide to 10 Asheville breweries you absolutely must conquer in 2024:

1. Wicked Weed Brewing: Home of the legendary "Funkinator" sour ale, Wicked Weed's vibrant taprooms are as much a draw as their boundary-pushing brews. Get your pucker on with a citrusy blast, and savor the quirky vibe that defines this Asheville icon.

2. Burial Beer Co.: With a skull adorning their bar and taproom walls, Burial isn't for the faint of heart. But their bold stouts and IPAs, like the legendary "Skull King," will warm even the chilliest Asheville night. Pro tip: Grab a seat on the patio and soak in the industrial-chic atmosphere.

3. Catawba Brewing Company: Catawba's South Slope location feels like a hops haven bathed in sunshine. Sip on their seasonal "Mother Trucker Pumpkin Ale" while basking in the mountain views, or opt for a year-round classic like the crisp "Peanut Butter Jelly Brown."

4. Fonta Flora Brewery: Prepare to be wowed by Fonta Flora's playful taproom adorned with vibrant artwork. Their "Farm to Foam" series showcases the bounty of local ingredients, from berries and herbs to peanuts, in unexpected flavor combinations. Dare to be adventurous!

5. New Belgium Brewing: The iconic "Fat Tire Amber Ale" needs no introduction, but New Belgium's Asheville outpost offers much more. Explore their expansive facility, take in a concert at their outdoor amphitheater, and discover hidden gems like the tart and refreshing "Tart Lychee."

6. The Wedge Brewing Company: Cozy and inviting, The Wedge is the perfect spot for an intimate pint with friends. Fuel your board game battles with their sessionable "Hop Rocket IPA," or delve into their darker side with the smooth and roasty "Blackberry Porter."

7. Asheville Brewing Company: Family-friendly and buzzing with energy, Asheville Brewing is a local favorite. Share a pitcher of their signature "Shindig Porter" under the twinkling lights of their biergarten, or catch a movie on their outdoor screen. Fun for all ages!

8. Highland Brewing Company: History buffs and beer lovers unite! Highland's original location still oozes charm, and their classic "Meltdown Milk Stout" is a sweet and creamy treat. Soak in the nostalgia and raise a glass to the pioneers of Asheville's brewing scene.

9. Burial Beer Co. Fonta Flora Collab: Collaboration is king in Asheville, and this powerhouse pairing brings you the "Double Funkin' Brut IPA." A fusion of citrusy IPA and funky sour ale, it's a limited-edition adventure for the boldest palates. Seek it out – your taste buds won't regret it!

10. Wicked Weed Funkatorium: Finally, prepare to lose yourself in the funky wonderland that is the Funkatorium! Barrel-aged sours, fruity goses, and wild saisons – this is where experimentation reigns supreme. Embrace the sour power and push your beer boundaries to the limit.

This is just your starting point, folks! The Asheville beer scene is a living, breathing beast, constantly evolving and brewing up new surprises. So grab your thirst, your friends, and a sense of adventure. Conquer these breweries, discover hidden gems, and write your own chapter in Asheville's beer-soaked history.


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