December 28, 2023

10 Must-Try Breweries in Georgia for 2024

Georgia may be known for its sweet peaches and vibrant history, but in recent years, a different kind of buzz has been growing: craft beer. With breweries popping up faster than you can say "cheers," choosing your next sudsy adventure can be overwhelming. Fear not, hop heads! This list will guide you through 10 must-try breweries in Georgia, promising diverse flavors and unforgettable experiences in 2024:

1. Wild Heaven Beer: Nestled in Athens, Wild Heaven is a haven for hop-forward IPAs and experimental brews. Sip on their flagship "Jade IPA" while soaking in the brewery's sun-drenched patio, or get adventurous with their rotating barrel-aged delights.

2. Monday Night Brewing: Atlanta's Monday Night is a vibrant hub for beer, music, and good times. Dive into their juicy Hazy IPAs like "Dizzy Gillespie," catch a live band on their sprawling patio, and let the good vibes flow.

3. Jekyll Brewing: Escape to Jekyll Island and sip on the island's namesake beer, a crisp and refreshing Pilsner. Jekyll Brewing offers stunning ocean views, family-friendly vibes, and a diverse selection of brews from lagers to stouts.

4. Terrapin Beer Co.: Located in Athens and Savannah, Terrapin is a Georgia mainstay, known for their malty ales and sessionable lagers. Grab a "Hopsecution IPA" and join the crowd on their expansive patio, or take a brewery tour to see the magic behind the hops.

5. Creature Comforts Brewing: Athens' Creature Comforts is a haven for hopheads and sour lovers alike. Their "Athena Paradiso" IPA is a citrusy masterpiece, while their "Tropical Tart" will pucker your lips and have you coming back for more.

6. SweetWater Brewing Company: Atlanta's SweetWater is a pioneer in the Georgia craft beer scene, and their iconic "420 Extra Pale Ale" remains a local favorite. Visit their massive brewery, climb their outdoor climbing wall, and explore their diverse range of seasonal offerings.

7. Reformation Brewery: Savannah's Reformation Brewery is a historic gem housed in a former cotton warehouse. Sip on their crisp "Savannah Dry Irish Stout" while exploring the building's past, or head to their rooftop bar for stunning city views.

8. Old Fourth Distillery & Brewery: Nestled in Decatur, Old Fourth is a unique blend of distillery and brewery, offering both spirits and suds. Sample their "Session IPA" while enjoying live music on their patio, or savor their barrel-aged spirits for a truly exceptional experience.

9. Three Taverns Brewery: Decatur's Three Taverns is a haven for Belgian-inspired brews. Their "Triple Belgian" is a malty masterpiece, while their "Wit" is a refreshing summertime treat. Enjoy their European-style beer garden and immerse yourself in the brewery's charming atmosphere.

10. Jekyll Island Brewing Company: No trip to Jekyll Island is complete without a visit to their namesake brewery. Sample their island-inspired brews like the "Beach Bunny Blonde Ale" while enjoying ocean views and a relaxed island vibe.

This is just the tip of the hopsicle, folks! Georgia's craft beer scene is booming, with new breweries and unique flavors emerging every year. So grab your thirst, your friends, and an empty growler. Your Georgia brewery adventure awaits!


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